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Thread: Dovetail Glue

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    Dovetail Glue

    What are you using to glue up your dovetails? An extended glue or regular setting type?
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    I used good ol' regular titebond 1 for all of my kitchen drawers

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    Titebond III for me. 10 minute open time...
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    Yellow glue. Titebond 1 or Elmers.

    If I have it, Old Brown Glue is also really nice. It's a liquid hide glue that just needs a little warming to use.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tom Niemi View Post
    I used good ol' regular titebond 1 for all of my kitchen drawers
    Same here.
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    Unless it's a really big project where you'd need a lot of open time, plain old woodworker's glue works fine for me. The only issue is that it's water based so it can swell the wood, making the dovetails harder to put together if they're tight to begin with.

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