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Thread: Just a safety note 2

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    Just a safety note 2

    The first on reminded me of this one.
    Toddlers and construction sites don't mix ether. Another friend was putting an addition on his house. The foundation was done and capped. The carrying stick had a hum in it so one of the lolly columns had been cut short knowing that when the weight of the house was put on it it would settle down to the right elevation. Well he thought nothing of letting the kids play around the job site. And one day before the walls went up the youngest was down in the basement. Sure as the sun come up that kid found the only thing that could hurt her down there and manage to tip that lolly column over. Not sure how she managed to get it dislodge from what was holding it up but at any rate it tipped over crushing her hand.
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    Chuck things like this have been going on for ever. When i was a toddler(at least this is what my mom says). Her and my dad were tearing the porch roof off to replace it. Well they thought i was sleeping,but i wasn't. Well i came toddeling out of the house just as my mom through a board with a nail in it off a ladder. The nail cought me in between the eyes and left a 1 inch scare. Even after 50 years it is right there for the whole world to ask about.

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    My dad was building one of the houses we lived in when my brother and I were probably 10 and 7. It was getting ready for drywall and a large stack leaned against the far wall in the basement. My brother and I being bored, decided to count it piece by piece, standing one up after another from it's leaning position. After about 15 to 20 pieces, the stack started to go over, crashing down on the concrete. The weight of all those sheets left a crack in the floor from one side of the basement to the other. Luckily we both stepped back and let it go, but man did our rears hurt after that.

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