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Thread: Picture frame splines?

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    Picture frame splines?

    Hey, folks,

    So here's the deal: Until now, every picture frame I've ever made has always been painted, to cover up my "sins." This time, I planed and jointed some sycamore, ran it across the router, chopped it with an SCMS, and cleaned up the angles with a miter trimmer. Perfect, right? Glued it up with titebond III and picture frame clamps, and because I knew I needed strength at the corners, but didn't want much to show, used a pin nailer, one pin in each corner, "until the glue dries." Finished it with a mix of poly, naptha, and BLO.

    Last night, I put the glass, 30" x 20" poster, and a luann backing in, and pinned the backing to the frame. Eye hooks and wire to hang it in the kitchen. Even Doorlink said it looked great, and she *always* finds something wrong. Not this time. Perfect...

    Alas! This morning, the top left and bottom right corners have both developed substantial gaps. I'm going to have to pull the darned thing down. Curses, foiled again!

    I obviously don't have a horizontal router table. So what's the best method of putting splines on such a big frame? It'd be pretty unwieldy, even with a jig, on either table saw or router table.

    Any thoughts on this matter would be greatly appreciated... Even if it's just shaking your head and telling me what a doofus I am...



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    Bill, with a well built jig, I don't see why you could NOT use the TS, but OK.

    How about moving the tool, instead of the work?

    Make a jig that hold the corner of the frame to the bottom of a piece of flat plywood, or MDF, then put a fence on the flat piece, and run a circular saw, or a router past the corner, to make your spline.

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    Bill, build a tall jig (12" should suffice) that straddles your TS fence. Or you can build one like this (third jig down).

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