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Thread: Toy cars, quick project

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    Toy cars, quick project

    Never been into making toys. But a while back I had bunch of 5/4 popular shorts. I had to use the hole saw to cut some holes and the scraps looked like tires. I had an idea!

    Grabbed some of the cutoffs. Sketched out a car outline and cut it out on the bandsaw. Round over the edges, drill some windows and 3/8" dowels for axles and we had a toy car.

    I whipped these out really quick. Someone creative could do more with them I am sure. But I love the Roadster. That one is going on the bookcase in my office!

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    Those are great, Jeff. I really like both the roadster and the bus.
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    I lilke them too.

    You can also wear the bus like metal knuckles if you ever get into a fist fight.
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    Jeff nice little cars.

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    Those are great Jeff.
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    Great idea for using scraps!
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    I know a guy on another forum, Dick Grage, who has been building similar cars etc for a very long time, he gives them all away, to daycare centers, churches, children's hospitals etc here is what his count is at the moment....

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    I think this kind of wooden toy is way better than any plastic thing, for one they last and last, and also they make the kids come up with all the cool details!
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