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Thread: I need some reading material

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    I need some reading material

    For quite a while now I've been interested in building a bow. Of the arrow slinging variety. Anyone have any pointers as to what to read up on for construction and methedology?
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    what type of bow you looking to build ? recurve or long bow?
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    In my youth I build quite a few bows, most of the English Long Bow variety, amazing what you can do with a bit of wood!

    We started with Bamboo and Maple, but ended up with mainly Maple one piece bows, they worked well.
    Dunno about a book, but on the web there are a lot of good pages, just looking around I found this one >> Here << that is great, I love the info about the "Horn Hook" we never went that far, we just notched the ends of the bow.

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    There are quite a few videos on You Tube, like this one
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    Karl, if you can find some Osage Orange wood that would be great. That wood makes a fine bow. There are a couple of photo's of self bows on my friend Mike's website. If you contact Mike I bet he would know where to find some information on long bow/self bow making.
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    Karl the art/craft of bow making is having a resurgence. A lot of information can be found with simple Google searches. Several people in Kansas sell billets of Osage Orange specially cut for bowyers. Not cheap. But, OO is considered the best wood for long bows. Hickory is very popular also and works very well. It (hickory) must be cut, or split, along the grain with no run out or it will break in use. However, it definitely is cheaper to experiment with for a first bow than OO.
    BTW, other names for OO are: Bois d'arc which literally meant 'bow of the arc' or if speakin' country it is simply bo'darc.
    I have a stash of OO but when I cut it I foolishly did not keep any long pieces.
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    If you want to build it of wood, rather than laminated fiberglass or something, I think "The Traditional Bowyer's Bible" is the thing to read. It's a 4-volume set, but you don't need to read all of it to make a bow. It's a good read.

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    why mess with sticks and strings? make yourself an atl atl....
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