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    Talking Power feeder

    I bought this slightly used feeder 3 weeks ago. It took a 3 hr drive to go pick it up, but was just a few blocks from my son's house in cottage country in Gravenhurst , Ontario. The funny part was, after meeting the seller at his apt, I followed him to his shop, a rental storage unit with power, the size of a single garage. The rental storage unit was on the property of an Insulation company that my son works for. The companys head office is in my home town! After picking up this monster feeder, and back to my son's, told him where the fellow had it stored. He knew the WW with the green van! LOL! I bet my eyes popped when I seen the feeder! Sure was a lot bigger than the pic in the classifieds! I got it for $500, used 2 hours, had an extra base. I had been wanting a 4 wheel feeder , but not really this big! More like the Delta with 1/2 hp motor. My little feeder needs a new base, having snapped the aluminum casting . The handle just didn't do it so for years used a bolt and 9/16" wrench to tighten till the bolt broke. So I got a better bolt and snapped the casting! A buddy has it now, he thinks a bud of his can weld it! The General Feeder was missing a handle and the gear change knob was broke, the owner must have used a vise grip as a handle by the teeth marks in the plastic. I made replacements out of walnut.
    pic 1 . classified picture
    pic 2. my old Delta and the General
    pic 3. my attempt at a wood knob
    pic 4. turned a replacement handle
    pic 5 and 6. General on the Delta 3 hp shaper
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    bryan, you`ll never regret going to a full-sized feeder! nice score
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    I am drooling. I have been wanting to get one for my shaper for awhile.

    Nice haul!

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    Your right about the size. Boy, that thing is huge. That should do the job.

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