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Thread: Would you look at that Martha?

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    Would you look at that Martha?

    My wife flew to Houston yesterday for a week. She and the twin 19 month old granddaughters are going trick-or-treating next week. Seems like a long way to go for a bag of candy to me.

    When they install a cochlear implant, they insert a cable into the cochlea of the inner ear being implanted. The inner ear is involved in providing feedback for balance and equilibrium. Since I had my surgery, I stagger a bit when I walk. I am sure it will eventually get better but......

    I sure hope the neighbors didn't think I was drunk when I took the garbage out to the street this morning at 0730...or when I go work in the yard in a few minutes.......

    I can hear the conversation:

    "Would you look at that Martha? His wife's gone's 7:30 and the old fool is drunk and staggering around outside again. Wouldn't be so bad if he'd keep it in the house but going out in public......Do you think we ought to notifiy his oldest son the deputy sheriff? It's a shame to see the father of a public figure out in public staggering, walking in a curved line like that..........."
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    maybe look up and talk to the birds or squirrels and give the impression your talking to yourself...

    Hope you stabilize quickly and all goes well!

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    love your since of humor Ken (darn scottish ale anyway)

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    .............and I haven't had a beer in over 6 weeks................right now....I could not drive to the micro-brewery to get the Scotish ale.......

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    OK, let's start a collection for Ken's Christmas present; a shirt with letters big enough to read from across the street:

    "I'm not Drunk,
    I'm a Cyborg!"
    Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.
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    Leave it to Glenn. Oh well.

    I am not telling you anything you don't know academically. However, it might make you think about it more on a personal level.

    I have been going to the Gym regularly for a few years. I have a personal trainer. He said that the sense of balance drops off with age. What the trainers have older people do is to stand on one foot. Reach way out and tap a styrafoam brick in front of you. Reach way back and tap another brick. Reach way out to the side and tap yet another brick.

    To start do this 10 times a day. Tap the bricks, in random order until each brick has been tapped 10 or more times. Repeat standing on the other foot. This sure helped me.

    "on the other foot" was underlined because of a story Myrna tells about her father.

    It seems that Frank and a hired hand were out doing something with a team and a wagon. The hired hand was a real nice person. However, he was deliberate and a tad slow. He said, "Frank, Can you move the wagon? It's on my foot. A moment later he said, "Frank, Can you move the wagon again? It's on my other foot."

    With that I will leave you to your drunken shenanegans (so I cannot spell).


    First of all you have to be smarter than the machine.

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    Think of this as a design opportunity. Embrace the stagger, make it a swagger, start wearing a cowboy hat and call people 'pilgrim' !!

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    I think you should go wander around your front yard, waving your arms and shouting "What are you looking at?!" to no one in particular.

    That'll shut 'em up.
    When the going gets weird, the weird turn pro. - Hunter S. Thompson
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    Wow here i thought if i lost my hearing all those voices talking to me would disappear

    I like the pilgrim idea get the right hat though

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