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Thread: Kindle Fire question

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    Kindle Fire question

    I checked the Amazon site and couldn't find or missed the answer to this question. Since I'm not ashamed to show my ignorance of such devices here goes. Can you load CD's to the Kindle Fire, I'm guessing much like you would an MP3 player, using your computer? I know they aren't out yet, but do you have opinions concerning Kindles in general? Considering one for LOML. She reads constantly, mostly library materials. I'm guessing she could find enough free materials out there to keep her busy for quite some time. Anything special she might want, we could buy.


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    I love reading. My kids bought me a kindle for fathers day. It's ok but i really miss holding the book and turning the pages. I have hundreds and hundreds of books and miss displaying new ones in my book case.
    There are lots of cheap or free books but the latest ones seem to be almost as expensive as the hardcover and more expensive than the paperback.
    I'm getting used to it though.
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    I am looking real hard at the Kindle Fire as well. Look like a good device and reasonable price .
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    Sure glad we have a public library close by. It's free.
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    Myrna and I really use the libraries. Libraries are one place that we really get our tax dollars worth. There are fiction and non-fiction (including wood working) books so we can be entertained or educated as we choose.


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    I've enjoyed reading some books on my iPhone. But the selection is limited. The reading, to me, is the important part. I believe Kindle, and similar, devices are the books of our day. I see that with with my grandchildren who are excellent readers and love to read. Each has a Kindle. I thought, at first, that was an extravagance. But the way they go through books the 'e' thing is very practical. I'm sure there is a Kindle in my future as soon as the budget allows it. Of course, ww tools and muzzle loading guns and stuff still come first.
    BTW, the Kindle Fire has received good reviews.
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