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Thread: Getting ready to bug you again

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    Getting ready to bug you again

    For my birthday, the kids bought me voice recognition software called Dragon so I can speak and let it type for me. So, beware, I may send be posting responses as soon as I learn how to use it.

    It's been a long time since I've posted and just of late have I been lurking. Hope I don't wear out my welcome.

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    I hope that you and "The Dragon Lady*" get along well.

    I used to be one heck of a typist. My military typing test taking code was 102.2 wpm for 10 min with no errors.

    Now I feel lucky if I can hit 40 wpm for two minutes straight and in English. So the Dragon Lady may be coming to my house. I am interested in seeing how you get along with the Lady.

    You can put a little footnote, like the cellphone members, "Typed by my little ole Dragon Lady on my Dell PC."


    First of all you have to be smarter than the machine.

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    Looking forward to seeing how it works
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    Good deal, Bill. Your input is always valued, so I'm glad to see the Dragon Lady will be typing for you now.
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    Hey Bill, Welcome back!

    You know you will always be welcome here!
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    I had word recognition on my phone but it made to made mistakes or it could not understand lazy
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    Bill that dragon software has come along way. I am keen on seeing how it works out for you. Please let us know progress and its good to hear you making a plan to stick around. I believe you have much of value to pass on so we need you here to keep guys like me on the straight and narrow.

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    Bug away Bill. Would be good to have you back on a more regular basis.
    If you don't take pride in your work, life get's pretty boring.

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    i will second or third the motion for bill and the lady typing..if we have any problem understanding her we will ask you what she said glad for you!!
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    Bill, I'm very happy to see you posting again.
    And if we can understand Larry's typing, I'm sure we'll get what the dragon lady gives us.

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