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Thread: Geronimo Driving a Car

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    Geronimo Driving a Car

    I happened upon this photo and short article about Native American Chief Geronimo driving a car in 1905:

    Which started me to thinking....

    Do you suppose if Geronimo ever went skydiving, he would yell "MEEEEEEEE!" as he jumped out of the plane?
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    My grandfather often spoke of seeing Geronimo in person when he was a child.. I don't remember him mentioning that Geronimo drove a car but perhaps he did not know that. He was 16 when Geronimo died. Fascinating!
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    How many times as kids did we yell Geronimo. Cool Pic
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    That was FUNNY Vaughn
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    Quote Originally Posted by Vaughn McMillan View Post
    Which started me to thinking....

    Do you suppose if Geronimo ever went skydiving, he would yell "MEEEEEEEE!" as he jumped out of the plane?
    What I wonder about is what people yelled before his name became the motto.
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