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Thread: Entertainment Center Critique

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    Entertainment Center Critique

    Well... I finally got around to designing an entertainment center for my new big screen. After laying it out in AutoCad to get the rough dimensions, I decided I'd give Sketchup a try. I usually use Inventor for all my woodworking drawings (I still like Inventor better), but after all the talk on this forum about SU, I figured I'd give it a try. The construction of the 3d model went surprisingly fast. I like being able to create all the parts on the one view rather than make a bunch of separate parts and then putting them all together like in Inventor.

    Anyway, here' what I came up with... Please give me all the concerns, praises, and the "you could do this instead of that". The back is still a work in progress. If you've got any suggestions about the back, please let me know. Being that this piece is wider than 48", I decided to kind of frame it out and put 1/4" ply into the framework to both keep down the weight and make it so that I don't have to use shiplapped planks (although I'd really like to) and really drive up the cost on wood.



    P.S. I have the .skp file, but cannot get it to upload. Please PM me if you would like to see the .skp file.

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    Hi Jeremy,

    Have you seen this thread?

    Some good ideas here - might be worth a read if you have not already done so.
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    Seems too tall. Just my opinion.

    Did you incorporate any golden rectangles into it? Sketchup is good for telling you when a rectangle is golden.

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    On it's own, I agree that it looks too tall, but what is around it? If there were bookshelves on either side, it would be fine.

    What will the space above the screen be used for?

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    Hi Jeremy,
    Looks like you are into a really nice project. The area above the TV is one the girls like alot for display. If you can add a puck light in the two spaces, maybe tiny corbels or brackets, like fret work in the corners of those areas, or something to soften the corners like the suggestion of an ellipse, out in the front where the stiles meet the top rails. Then step down and back on the sides and add a 7" wide, open from the side, library storage type bookcase, each side, for storing dvd's
    cause with this nice project you are gonna be in front of it alot.
    All in all, the 90 degree corners in the top section are just fine the way they are, it's up to you all, what do you like?
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    I agree with Shaz, the fairer sex love those open areas above the TV. I don't. My wife wanted to put the components up there and I hated it!! It would probably look good with some decorations in there, but as it is I don't like part.

    The thread Rennie referenced was mine. I will be starting on an A&C style entertainment center soon. Just as soon as I finish up the wifes Christmas present. But that is another story.

    One thing to keep in mind, if the TV fails or gets replaced for what ever reason the replacement might not be the same size. I decided to allow a little extra space around mine "just in case".

    I brought the back of the cabinet forward behind the TV so I could put the TV on a mount. That way it will swivel out for access to the cables on the back and the wife can swing it around and see it in the kitchen. I am going to stain/point the back panel black to take attention away from it.

    Shaz suggested a frame around the TV to give it a more built in look. I haven't tried that yet but will before I build it.

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