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    Recent Stoppers

    I haven't done much turning lately and probably won't for a while (started a new project for the winter). I did just finish some bottle stoppers I had commented to. From right to left, I think it is spalted chestnut, (wood from a friends scrape pile), the middle is buck-eye and the left one is macadamia wood. First time I have had any macadamia wood. I got it off e-bay a long time ago, been waiting for it to dry. It turns and finishes well. I really think it is pretty wood.
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    Those are beauties Paul. I do like the buckeye.
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    Cool stuff, Paul. I like the shotgun shell idea, too.
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    All are beautiful.
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    All look great but that macadamia is pretty nice!

    Another +1 for the shotgun shell idea too
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    Paul i also like them a bunch, and one more for that shotgun shell.

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