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Thread: Mohammad Has a New Toy

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    Mohammad Has a New Toy

    I spent the afternoon today with Mohammad Madha helping him pick up his new (barely-used) Grizzly G1023SL tablesaw.

    Mohammad lives about an hour south of me, and the tablesaw was about an hour south of him, so after I picked him up, the first order of business was lunch. He treated me to a feast at one of the finer Pakistani restaurants in SoCal. (Sorry, inside joke.) The food was very tasty, and I brought home enough leftovers for two or three huge dinners. I learned today that although they are somewhat similar, one of the differences between Indian and Pakistani cuisine is that Indian food uses lots of vegetables and chicken is the main meat dish, but Pakistani food has fewer veggies and includes a variety of other meats like beef and lamb. My kind of folks.

    With the help of the seller, we were able to get the saw loaded with no major problems. We removed the mobile base extension and turned the saw 90 in the remaining part of the mobile base to facilitate rolling it onto the truck. (The lift gate came to the rescue once again.) Once we got to his house, we had to do a bit of maneuvering to get the saw turned and set on the mobile base correctly, but after a few minutes of head scratching, we did it without having to work too hard.

    And for the skeptics, here's a bit of proof:

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Mohammad's New Tablesaw 3 - 800.jpg 
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Name:	Mohammad's New Tablesaw 2 - 800.jpg 
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    I want to point out that if you look on the floor in the picture of Mohammad, you can see actual sawdust on the floor of his shop. Granted, that's just sawdust that fell out of the saw as we were moving it, but now his shop has been officially "dusted" and is one step closer to being a woodshop. Getting the 220v power run to his shop will be the next big step. The poor guy has a shop full of great tools, and nowhere yet to plug them in. That'll come before too long.

    On the other end of the woodworking spectrum, he loaned me a nice Bailey No. 7 hand plane that I can use for a project I have in mind as soon as I do a bit of cleaning and fettling to it. I'll post pics of it when I have a chance.

    It was great seeing you again Mohammad, and thanks again for the lunch.
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    Wonderful. Congrats on the saw and the safe transport.
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    Congratulations, Mohammad!

    Don't new tools smell good!?!?!?!?!
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    Thanks guys and a big thanks to Vaughn.

    The tools have taken over my shop space. It needs the "bradley" treatment.

    I had an alterior motive behind loaning the no.7 to Vaughn. I didn't want to clean it up. Vaughn fell for it.
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    Helping each other out - priceless!!! Congrats to both of you.
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    Man your shop is getting some great pieces Mohammad Of course the saw is the better piece over the big yellow one behind it Congrats and Vaughn is "He treated me to a feast at one of the finer Pakistani restaurants in SoCal. (Sorry, inside joke.) a joke or GLOAT For sure that was a added treat to the day Now get the 220 in there Mohammad and make your own dust

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    Vaughn you sure make me want to go visit Mohammad I look at that nice saw, lathe, shop and all I can think of is FOOD

    Nice job you two The FWW at work again
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    Great job all the way around guys!
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    Congrats Mohammad! And double kudos to Vaughn and his lift gate!
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    Are you sure that is a used saw? It looks new to me!

    Congrats. Vaughn is a great guy isn't he.

    Actually he was lucky to be helping you. He missed going to a very mediocre "Woodworking Shows." I think that was the most messed up show I have ever attended.

    To start with it took both Glenn and me several days to get them to take our money for the tickets (via the web). Then Glenn was finally able to get someone to take our money over the telephone---they over charged him $4.00. However, by then he was just glad to get the tickets so we would not have to stand in a long line at the show.

    There was a really long line for tickets at the show. However, it turned out to be people buying tickets for the auto show next door. There was NO line at the woodworking show.

    I had a half page list of things I wanted to buy. However, none of the vendors on my list were there. We tried to get a list of vendors in advance of the show. However, they did not have a list until the day of the show (big help that was). That was just as inefficient as the way they handled the on-line sales. I think the people that put this on work at the zoo (on the wrong side of the bars) when they are not working on their shows. Le't see---360 days at the zoo and 6 days working on the shows.

    I did purchase a digital caliper from Lee Valley. I had seen it in their catalog but it was something I wanted to get my hands on to decide if I wanted to purchase. I did purchase a DC hose for my Bosch ROS and Bosch Jig saw. The hose I had was a beautiful hose---as stiff as well soaked spaghetti. Those two features are wonderful. However, it weighed more than 6 inch flex hose. I would start to use the tool and a rhythm would get set up and the heavy hose would start oscillating. Then the hose was controlling the machine, not me. Getting lighter hose is going to be a real pleasure.

    Amongst all of the vendors there might have been two dozen wood turning tools on display---basically beginner's sets. One of the main reasons I went to the show was to get to feel the turning tools and to purchase some. Easy Tools was there (however I have some and was not looking for more of that type). There were no Lie Nielsen tools, there were only a few Veritas hand planes, the DeWalt booth was quite small---hand tools, etc. etc.

    There is more, however I do not normally rant so I will now shut up.


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