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Thread: Clearing Off Shelf Space

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    Clearing Off Shelf Space

    The other day I was doing a minor clean up in the Dungeon, I was trying to fit some stuff into my space, and just not having enough space, the old refrain. I was moving stuff around on some shelves wishing for some more shelf space when it hit me like a hammer between the eyes, maybe if I finish turned some of the 20+ or so rough turned bowls I have on these shelves, I'd have some shelf space to use

    This is a about half of what I got done today, I was really rocking and rolling, had most of the day to myself so I just went gonzo. I finally had to stop because I have run out of sand paper, specifically the #240 grit, hard to jump from #120 straight to #400 Yes, I've ordered some more.....
    I soak them all a few times in Watco then let them dry for a week, next I buff them and call them done. The lighter colored two are Laurel, the others are the beloved Keyaki. My photography buddy says he will take nice pics of them all for me, good practice for him, but you will have to wait for the pics.

    Having the shelf space is great, but where am I going to put all these bowls...

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    Some very nice looking bowls. I epically like the looks of that Keyaki. Never heard of it before.
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    Great bunch of bowls, Stu. I really like the light colored bowls.
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    on the clean-up!!!

    on the bowls! That keyaki is fantastic!!!
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    Good for you Stu! Done some tidying up and had fun at the same time.

    BTW If you don't know where to put those bowls I have some room left over here
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    Great looking bowls Stu! I really enjoy that kind of shop clean know... the kind where you just make more mess!!

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    Ted---I can tell that you have been looking at my shop over the years. Why didn't you say, "Hi" or something?

    Myrna dreads it when I do a "Clean up." She says that I create a bigger mess than the mess I am cleaning up. Aren't spouses wonderful!!!

    Stu---Could you secretly tunnel sideways and increase the size of the Dungeon? Then you could set up a Bowling alley.


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    Really nice bowls Stu. I like the light colored ones.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Stuart Ablett View Post
    Having the shelf space is great, but where am I going to put all these bowls...
    ooh ooh, pick me, pick me!

    In that batch I like the top-left best, and the middle-right second... love the grain, contrast, and colour!
    There's usually more than one way to do it... ........

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    Good to see you getting a bit of lathe time, and getting some extra shelf space in the process. The bowls looks real nice.
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