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Thread: Holiday projects?

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    Holiday projects?

    Anyone working on any holiday gifts etc yet?

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    What, huh, is there a holiday coming up?
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    Getting ready to start scrolling Christmas Tree ornaments , and also going to build a 5' long Razorback bench for my son for a surprize Christmas present . It's really a 5' long church pew with a gaint 3' Razorback routed and painted in detailed for the back of the bench .......I'll be busy ....Heres what I'm going to try for { A Picture added } - not my work but I have the pattern and this what I'm working for ............
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    I'm working on a chery dining table for my parents. They are paying for all the materials but getting free labor. Not sure if I'm going to make it for the holidays but that's the goal.

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