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Thread: FS: Delta Contractor Saw and 30" T2 Steel Fence

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    FS: Delta Contractor Saw and 30" T2 Steel Fence

    For Sale
    Delta 36-675 Industrial Contractor Saw
    1.5 HP 115/230v motor, currently set for 115 v
    33" Delta T2 Fence (sold as 30", but actually has 33" capability)
    blade wrenches
    stock miter gauge
    saw/fence manual on CD-ROM

    See for details
    ($689 plus shipping on Amazon)

    Upgrades included with the saw:
    Mobile Base(Delta Universal Style) $50 new
    Freud 50 tooth combination blade $40 new (I paid $60 before Amazon went nuts)
    PowerTwist Link Belt $25 new
    Zero Clearance Insert $20 new
    4" dust port
    Mighty Track Extension Table Kit with 2" oak banded table already made (not yet installed) $50 new, plus table

    Great Saw, well maintained for the 3 years I have owned it. I love the saw, and it is tuned in perfectly. However, my wife is insistent that I upgrade to get a Sawstop. It feels like I'm selling a child, as this saw really changed my woodworking from a frustrating experience in cobbling things together to giving me the confidence to take on a complete kitchen remodel, including cabinets.

    If my math is correct, replacement cost would be more than $850. I'm asking $550 for everything. I am 25 miles west of downtown Indianapolis, IN, and can help deliver within reasonable distance.

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    Photos of the saw. Outfeed table shown on left side.

    Close-up of cast-iron. Nice and clean. Sawdust everywhere else, cuz it's in the shop.

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    Sale Pending

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