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Thread: Online Woodworking Courses

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    Online Woodworking Courses

    I'm only aware of 3 online woodworking courses--paying courses that are online only.

    1. WoodWhisperer
    2. The Renaissance Woodworker's "Hand Tool School"
    3. Rob Cosman's Online Hand Tool Workshop

    Does anyone know of any others?
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    Well take 2

    Hi Cynthia, welcome back its great to see you here again.

    As to your question check out Charles Neil.

    Personally i think he is the best. If you follow a project with Charles he takes you through it step by step. The videos can get long but its like a cooking channel show when he is done so are you and you get to learn along the way.

    There has been loads of comment on him and his english and redneck ways but thats what i really like about him. He is normal and natural and not being pretentious. He really caters for the learner in my view.

    Why do i say this. Well i have probably a dozen projects around my shop either half or in some of other state of completion.

    Each time its because something snagged me. This will not happen following a CHarles Neil project because he does every bit in front of you and shows you how to make the neccessary jigs etc to keep going.

    He also has videos and as to him well he is a master craftsman and if you look at the galleries of some of his work well it will speak for itself.

    I see since the last time i visited his site that the professionals are getting hold of him i certainly hope someone does not convince him to change his ways that would be a gross tragedy.

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    There isn't a fee involved, but Steve initiated a group build project that works along the same lines. You build the same project as the rest of the group, you can tweak yours to fit your situation or character, but the overall each persons build will resemble the others in some form or fashion. You do it in your own shop while others are doing the same, thus questions and problems can be solved by the group together as a cohesive unit, not as random questions.

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    Thanks Jonathan, I noticed that, and I think it's a great idea. I'm just waiting for the next project that appeals to me. I'll definitely join in.
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    Larrys Wounded Warrior box made me think of this. Charles Neil also does an online class. I think it is called master of woodworking?
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