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Thread: Birds, birds, birds.......

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    Birds, birds, birds.......

    No, not quite like in the Hitchock movie. But, today, our yard is alive with many-many birds. We live in a semi-rural area in the woods. A lot of game comes through every day. Deer, turkeys, lately an owl and much more. We love watching nature. Today the yard has many birds. A lot of robins but also many others. There are several woodpeckers of different types. Several large colorful ones I can't identify. Lots and lots of small birds at my wife's feeders. The amount of bird activity is pretty amazing. I know we are in a period of seasonal change but this sudden abundance of feathered activity is puzzling. Very fun to watch, but puzzling still.
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    We're in the city here, and we love to watch the birds as well...but feeding them really seemed to multiply the rodent population due to all the spillage...A couple of years ago, I gave the neighbors our feeders and we kept the 2 bird baths. We still get to watch them in the usual numbers, but no more mice{or at least that we're aware of}

    We do seem to see more here in late fall, than at other times of the year. {edit: birds that is...not mice,lol}
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