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Thread: Powers back

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    Powers back

    After almost 5 days the power came back on this afternoon.

    18" of heavy wet snow on trees that hadn't shed their leaves yet makes for a nasty situation. Especially when 2 grandchildren don't have school I was going nuts.

    My generator kept a few lights on as well as the refrigerator, TV and sump pumps. The gas log in the fireplace kept the house warm and I'm so thankful that I switched the stove from electric to gas Bad news is I burned almost $100.00 worth of gasoline.

    This past summer I was going to wire my well pump so I could plug it into my generator but I never got around to it I think I'll get to it tomorrow
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    Welcome back to civilization!

    The electric well is one thing I don't miss...too many times growing up did we have to deal with electrical outages. I think we only had to sleep in the living room with the fireplace once though, nothing like what you have had to do.

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    Welcome back Bob. Tesla was right, people can't live without electriks
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    Welcome back, Bob. Glad you got all your lights working!
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    Whew! And yet another reminder for me to get a genny and get the electrik panel upgraded and hooked up...

    Welcome back!
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    Me too Brent, Welcome back Bob.

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    I was wondering how you were doing after the storm. Now I know. Welcome back to the clubhouse.
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    Glad to here it.
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    Glad you are back on line. And congrats for being prepared. We have a gas log fireplace and generator also. Ours will run the well. After the 2009 ice storm my wife said if this happens again she wants to be able to flush the toilets. Well, wat a wife says.........
    BTW: last night news said almost one and a half million homes out east still were without power. That is bad news. Tough on them.
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