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Thread: Friday 11/4 Edition

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    Friday 11/4 Edition

    Friday and November to boot. We have a time change this weekend and a board upgrade scheduled. So what's going on in your neighborhood?

    Me, shop time today, Saturday brings a work day at church, then shop time after that. Sunday, the usual.
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    Friday: Shop time all day today - mainly the credenza project but I'm working on some small things for gifts as well.

    Saturday: LOML 'requested' my presence with her to go shopping. One of the department stores is opening at 6am and giving gift cards to the first 100 customers. She's trying to bribe me by taking me to breakfast afterwards. Uh-huh.

    Sunday: The usual - I'll prepare brunch, then settle in for the race. Not sure what dinner will be yet - either steaks of maybe chicken marsala or whatever strikes me between now and then.
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    Leaving this after noon for the farm in Va. May be gone all next week. Just depends on the hunt.
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    Installing a door between the garage and house on saturday. Creating a place to store 200BF of curlie maple and start setting up a scary sharp area to start sharpening plane blades

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    Stayed home today with stomach flu, was up most of the night, still not feeling well, but ok lying down with the laptop.

    Hopefully cleaning up the destruction in the shop and starting on some electrical and finishing out some upper walls. Also been working on a new, more portable design for a photo booth, so may start some construction on it...will get to break out the welder again.

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    Dinner at the MIL's tonight, always good food and drink so looking forward to that. Saturday will bring outside work on some facia on the garage and then some time in the garage finishing some things for a holiday show I'm doing with my dad next weekend. Sunday more of the same....
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    Tonight, CJ spending the night so will get his pony out.
    Saturday, have a dividing fence to build as well as rebuild an H brace. Haul firewood.
    Sunday, time with Lou Ann. Seems we are going 100 mph and never get time to relax. Have a new couch and we are enjoying sitting on it.

    God and family, the rest is icing on the cake. I'm so far behind, I think I'm in first place!


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    Tonight I'll be going to the opening reception for the exhibit the Glendale Woodturners Guild has just installed in Glendale. It's part of the GATE Project (Glendale Area Temporary Exhibits) that takes vacant retail spaces and temporarily turns them into art galleries. Our turning club was asked to participate, and I'm one of about 12 turners with pieces on display. Here's more info:

    Saturday I'm off on a combined business/pleasure trip for a few days. More on that later.
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    About to leave in an hour to visit In-Laws at the casinos. Sure hope I hit the jackpot

    Funny, no one would visit us that much when we lived in Calif, but now, we are so much more popular

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    Having an unexpected day off, I stopped at Woodcraft on my way back to the hotel... picked up some more 1/8" ply for more ornaments and other scroll projects.

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