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Thread: Buying Cross Border Tools

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    Buying Cross Border Tools

    There's no doubt that there is a bigger selection of power tools brands in the US than in Canada. My question is, if I buy one or more big things in the US and ship them to Canada, if something goes wrong with it, will I be able to find someone local to fix it? Band Saw and Jointer are the examples that come to mind. Also, as Vaughn likes to remind me, I live on an island, so there's a good chance that even if I buy something available up here, it will still be shipped from some far away place.

    Thanks all.
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    Cynthia i think you will easily find someone capable of fixing the type of things that go wrong with hobbyiest level tools.

    Lets look at what can go wrong

    Bandsaw ........say it needs a new belt issue buy link belt and replace yourself

    Say it needs a new switch well its nothing complicated and they available all over the place. At very worst case you get a slightly different replacement.

    Say it needs a new bearing well haul Brian out of his workshop and he can easily do it and the bearings are nothing special to get hold of all over canada and us.

    If you had an issue like shaft breaking i dont think that will be a problem either you order a new part from the supplier say Grizzly and you will easily find someone local that can do it for you but with Brian being mechanically minded this is all within a mechanics scope.

    Say the motor packed up, well these motors are again nothing special many places local to you will have motors of exact same config and size. The bolt on. In fact its also a time when sometimes you can upgrade the size especially on a bandsaw.

    For the table saw you got pretty much the same issues ..........bearings, motor, switch, belt there is not that much to these things.

    BTW i have bought from Grizzly and had good support from them in Canada even before they shipped product here.

    Another thing is you will find that product that Busy Bee and other stock is very similar maybe color might be different but many parts are interchangeable.

    Then you got all your buddies here to help you if you ever come unstuck. Dont forget we neighbors to the US its not like we in darkest Africa.

    So spill the beans whats on the shopping list????? Hey dont you owe us a shop tour since you did all your upgrades?

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