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Thread: Blowing the dust off the lathe!

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    Blowing the dust off the lathe!

    Well I finally decided to blow the dust off my lathe that I've had for about 3 years now and start turning.
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    What I was wondering is if there are any good online videos to show you how the various gouges and skews are used to cut coves and beads. I've found a few but they show you one cut and that's it. I would love to take some classes but the money just isn't in the budget for it. I've been practicing some but when I do have a catch I'm not sure what I did to prevent it from happening again.

    Here are a couple of pictures O what I'm playing around with. The first one I tried to copy a leg that needs to be repaired from a cedar chest we have.
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    Here I just chucked up a scrap piece of oak to practice on.
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    So if anyone can help me out or point me in the right direction I sure would appreciate it.

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    shame on you for going to the dark side your one of the guys that used to wear a white hat check out bill grumbines site.. wonderful i think..
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    Don't worry Larry flat work is still my primary thing to do but I need to learn these skills for some of the projects I want to attempt.

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    Your practice attempts look pretty good from here.

    I don't have any recommendations as far as a good all-in-one video, but Bob Hamilton has a bunch of good turning videos on YouTube. Here is his YouTube channel:

    If you browse though his stuff, you should find examples of using all of the tools you mentioned, and he offers good, sound advice. I've yet to see one of his videos where I thought "What is this guy doing? Is he crazy?"
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    Turnings look pretty good. There are numerous good books and video's out there. Bob's on Youtube are good ones. One I would recommend would be Keith Rowley's Woodturning "A Foundation Course" DVD is what I started with. It is excellent. You can get the book or DVD or both. I learn more from watching than reading.
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    Bernie is right. Keith Rowley's book, "WOODTURNING A Foundation Course is just that, a Foundation Course. It tells you all of the ways to get into trouble and all of the ways to keep you from doing it. If I could have had only one book on turning, this is it. It is plain talk, simple, does not make you wonder what he meant. If you do what he says, you will be as safe as you can be and turn.

    The book really lays the foundation, an excellent foundation, a safe foundation.



    Oh yes, I did this edit to tell you that it is an inexpensive book.
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