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Thread: Chevy Convertibles

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    Chevy Convertibles

    Top this one
    Every Chevrolet convertible since 1912

    What do you suppose this collection is worth ?

    This collection belongs to Dennis Albaugh in Ankeny , Iowa , just north of Des Moines .

    The personal and private collection consists of 110 + Chevrolet convertibles...
    all years from 1912 to 1975 and Corvette convertibles from 1953 to 1975.

    That is a Chevy convertible from every year of manufacture EXCEPT 1939...
    The reason? - Chevy didn't make a convertible in '39 -- and ended its convertible line in '75!

    His 'boy toys' include his own 18 hole golf course, copied somewhat after Augusta National.
    He is what you call a REAL Chevy guy, but his passion seems to be convertibles !

    This billionaire made his fortune selling farm chemicals !

    Have the Bower's seen this collection??

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Wow, what a collection I've always had a passion for convertibles.
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    Just like with animals, the purchase price is the cheapest cost. Maintenance/feed bills are the constant. Regardless the worth of the that collection, look at how it is maintained, the building, the polish on each automobile. I cannot imagine the time and people needed to do this. Very nice collection that shows dedication for sure.

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    I drove a '64 SS Impala convertible......lagune aqua with white interior and top.....327 300hp .....Muncy 4-speed..... Typical 18 year old........drove it like death wasn't an option. Sold it to get out from under the payments when I went into the married.......4 months after buying it, my friend hit a parked Caddy at 75mph. My friend survived and the car didn't. I'd love to have that car today.

    What a collection! Only a billionaire could afford to do that collection justice!

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    I drove a '64 Corvette Stingray hard top convertible until it got stolen... replaced it with a '65 rag top... sold it when I got married... Went from a hot '65 Corvette to a not quite so hot... '64 Ford wife's car from her first marriage... didn't keep it too long... it had a hydraulic clutch and I could feel the slip... sold it and picked up a VW, sold it for a VW camper bus, sold it for a '72 Mercedes, also bought a '67 Mercedes for a commute car...sold it for a 280Z to the ex.., sold the '72 Mercedes for a Toyota Corolla, got divorced and lost the 280z... sold the corolla and picked up a '76 Alfa Romeo Alfetta GTV... kept that for 13 years... wish I had the Corvette back.... it would have lasted longer than the marriage.
    Tellico Plains, TN
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