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Thread: Up and running

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    Up and running

    I decided to make my wife a small wall mounted table for Christmas - sooo . . .
    It's got a curved front apron made with laminated layers of walnut - sooo . . .
    I needed to put a bigger motor on my Crescent 20" band saw for the resawing - sooo . . .
    I had to rebuild the 2hp motor sitting in my rat hole and mount it to the saw.

    It was one of the filthiest motors i've seen - thick oily gunk all over. However, after pulling it apart, the insides were in remarkably good condition. The bronze bearings were in good shape, the commutator (it's a repulsion start, induction run motor) and brushes were fine, and the windings checked out with no shorts. I cleaned out one mouse nest, mud dobbers, and about 75 years worth of oily wood chips. After a new coat of paint, i put it back together, set it on the saw, and fired it up. It's a sweet, quiet runner. The funny think is that it's identical to the 1hp motor it replaced, except that it's bigger and heavier.

    And the proof in the pudding is that it sliced off 1/4" thick 10" wide strips of walnut without even blinking.

    I'm a happy guy. My wife will get a new piece of furniture for Christmas - i just got a bigger, badder band saw.

    The pics aren't that great - from my cell phone, but here they are.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    now all you need is a driftmaster fence for the old cresent or you can just allow for it on the wood fence you now have
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    love it, well done Paul. So cool to see old stuff recycled.

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    That's actually the original cast iron factory fence with a tall wood face i put on it for resawing. I added half a dowel rod (split down the middle with a flat face) vertically on the fence in line with the blade to account for drift. Works just fine.

    Now if i could only find the time to take the saw apart and repaint it. I already replaced the bearings and tires and cleaned up / adjusted any moving parts (blade guides, upper wheel adjustment & mount). It works great - just a bit of an ugly dog.


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