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Thread: Weekend tool gloat.

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    Weekend tool gloat.

    came into a bit of cash and splureged this weekend.

    I had received one of those 20% off coup[ons in the mail form one of the BORGS and when I got ahold of the cash I decided I was going to buy something big.

    I have been wanting to upgrade my planer so Ive had my eye on the DeWalt two speed model that sells for 549. I have also been looking at the Hitachi "hybrid" contractors saw. It looks much like a hybrid with the motor inside the cabinet and it's left tilt.

    So I set off for the BORG and realized I had left behind the coupon so I phoned my wife and told her to find it and bring it so I could use it. She took for ever, she couldnt find it. Turns out my mother in law had chucked it in the trash and it gotten wet and dirty and I was set to spend more than $1,000 bucks so my MIL in an effort to help and feeling guilty and stressed she decides to clean the coupon with a wet rag and to dry it she put the in the toaster oven to dry faster. Well, it became ashes She was so upset but my mife comes to the rescue telling the the people at the customer service that she wants to talk with a manager that has real power, so she convinces the manager to give us the 10% discount so now I have a new Dewalt planer and the Hitachi 3hp saw. and not only that the DeWalt that was on display for 549 actually rang up at 480 before the 10% off!! Oh and my wife had called the BORG and got them to fax her another coupon.

    So I will have pics of the new equiptment in a few days.

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    Funny story Julio. It sounds like something you’d see on an old “I Love Lucy” rerun.
    Congrats on the new toyls.
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    Great story Julio. I count three gloats there: 1)the tools, 2)your wife, and 3)your MIL

    Sounds like you are ready to make some serious sawdust.
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    Now that is a great story!!

    Had me laughing, ashes......
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    Quote Originally Posted by Julio Navarro View Post
    So I will have pics of the new equiptment in a few days.
    The heck with the equipment, I want pictures of the coupon!


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    That is one wild story!!!! You need your own TV series with episodes like that.

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    great story i even had to read it to eh wife so she could get a chuckle glad it all worked out julio
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