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Thread: more tea pots

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    more tea pots

    Just a few more pots as i havn't posted in a bit. The one has all ready left the house and was well recived.That one was for my ex-DIL's mother.It's the one with the burnings on it BTW. The other two are for family up in Pa, and still working on two more to send up there. Thanks as always and all C&C welcome.
    SteveClick image for larger version. 

Name:	004 [800x600].JPG 
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Name:	005 [800x600].JPG 
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Name:	002 [800x600].JPG 
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Name:	003 [800x600].JPG 
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Name:	010 [800x600].JPG 
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Name:	008 [800x600].JPG 
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    As always, those are beautiful. The handle bracket is terrific
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    I agree with Bob. They are beautiful and the handle is superb.
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    Beautiful, Well Done Steve!
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    Tea otally cool

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    Those are beautiful. Really well done.
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    Is this what you meant when you said, "I've got to go potty?"

    Your tea pots are beautiful. I can see where tea pot collectors would go ape over them.

    If the tea pot collector's friends find out about this, they will swamp you with requests for pots to give as gifts.


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    well done steve,, is that spalted maple dry or wet?
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    Steve, as usual, your work is superb.

    Dumb questions: are they usable to hold steaming water? Will hot water damage/warp them?
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    Remarkable work....really!
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