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Thread: Cynthia's Shop Update

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    Cynthia's Shop Update

    The other day Rob K. suggested I show an show update, so I snapped a few quick ones just now for you. No, I did not clean up for you. I apologize.

    I'm going around the shop counter-clockwise. 1st photo shows my little table on wheels that is now devoted to the planer. I made it beefier, but it's too high and I'll have to cut it down (in one way or another). But it's the first thing I ever made, and I want to keep it at all costs. LOML got me those little hanging things on the wall. I'm not crazy about them, but I put them up for now.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Next photo shows the lumber, and yes, unfortunately it's as full as it was in the last photo. I'm finally in the swing of things and the pile should lessen here shortly. I'm not sure if you can tell, but I have lots of new lights. I think I have 8 new fluorescent fixtures that I got when I got an electrical upgrade. I now have a sub-panel, a bunch of new plugs and 220. I wish Steve S. could have done the upgrade for me, but alas he's busy in Santa Claus getting ready for the holidays.

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    Next are my new tool cabinets. This is an interesting story that I'll try to condense. About a year ago, LOML bought 2 used tool cabinets from CL (filled with tools). They were shipped to us from about 500 miles away. One of LOML's friends was there to witness the loading. We received the 2 cabinets but they were in sorry shape. They were destroyed in fact. Completely bashed in from all sides. Shipper tried to hide this fact, and did not want to take responsibility. LOML bought 2 new cabinets, and sued the shipper. Shipper offered to settle by giving us 2 MORE CABINETS. So now we had 4 (this is a year later). LOML wanted to sell them, but I said not a chance, I'll keep them. so everything had to get rearranged to make room for them. And you can see my chalkboard which I love. On the table is my Hillbilly Track for my CS. I'll show it in detail when it's all together.

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    Next are some odds and ends that aren't organized yet. The plywood is on the wall because I was in the process of putting up shelves. Then I had to take them all down to make room for the stuff that was previously where the tool cabinets are. etc. etc. etc. Yes, that is chain around the DP. It is not falling down again on my watch. You can also see lots of plywood standing which will go under the wood racks as soon as the wood racks are mostly empty and I can rejig them. Shop Dog has a new cot. That's where the Ambassador will be sleeping when he comes to visit.

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    Here's the SCMS and the TS in the corner with more hunks of maple. I have a guy coming on thursday to help me cut those pieces down so A) they'll dry during this century and B) they'll take up less space.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Last is my new little stool that I love. I goes up and down and is quite comfortable.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    and that's today's scoop! I hope you enjoyed it.
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    Looks like it should work.
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    Well, I enjoyed the updated tour. First time I have ever seen a DP tied down like that. Poor DP.
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    Great tour Cynthia. Thanks.
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    That's a great looking shop. I'd be hard pressed not to slip a pair of thigh high fishnets over those pink planer table legs though

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ted Calver View Post
    That's a great looking shop. I'd be hard pressed not to slip a pair of thigh high fishnets over those pink planer table legs though
    I was waiting for that! The pink always brings out some comments.....
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    I'm thinking that I need to go do some painting in my shop now.
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    Very cool Cynthia thanks for the update. For a moment i thought i was looking at a picture taken in South Africa when i saw your drillpress chained up. Lol.

    Nice female touch the paint.

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    Thanks for the tour Cynthia. I'm glad that you have the moxie to be a bit different and use some color in your shop. "Blah" isn't any fun.


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    Its getting there and looking good
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