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Thread: Vietnam on HD

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    Vietnam on HD

    Anyone watching it ? There is some great footage and interviews happen on there.

    It will be on again this evening Part 3 9AM

    BTW Speaking as a Vet I want to thank all you guys who did there duty wither Drafted or Joined.
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    I'll have to check it out. Did a lot of papers on the war in HS, will be interesting to see.

    Quote Originally Posted by Dave Hawksford View Post
    I want to thank all you guys who did there duty wither Drafted or Joined.

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    I've watched most of it. Very real as I remember. BTW Happy Birthday USMC!! Semper Fi!!
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    Started to watch it but it was too real. Had to turn it off SemperFi Paul
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    Brought back some memories.......unfortunately.

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    Watching it here
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    +1 on too many memories!
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    +1 on too many memories. Those of us who made it home were not exactly given a warm welcome. The change in attitude in today's society, which seems appreciative of the military is due in large measure to the numbers of Vietnam vets who vowed that returning troops would never again get the cold shoulder--a much welcome change and one more worthy of the American people.

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    Thanks for the heads up, but I have little interest in remembering some parts of my life.

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    I've been watching it, I guess being born in 68 I've always had a fascination with Vietnam.

    Let me say thank you to all you Vietnam vets, Dad was there in 66,67. They were going to send Dad back for a second tour and he decided to retire. He never would talk about Vietnam very much. Mom said he really changed when he came back, they had some rough years after. He was also in the tail end on WW2 and Korea. He would talk about both of them.

    When I was 19 I told Dad I was going to enlist. He came unglued. He let me know real quick that he had served enough for both of us and I was going to keep my rear (I edited that) in school.

    He was one of 6 boys and combined they have right at 100 years of service. 3 retired from the Army, 1 Marine, 1 Air Force, and the other was in the Army. It was always fun at Christmas time at my Grandmother's. Man when they got started ribbing each other about which branch was the best.

    Sorry to be long winded, again THANKS to all you vets!


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