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Thread: Don't See One of These Every Day

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    Don't See One of These Every Day

    In the 8 or 9 months that I've been installing artwork with my neighbor Perry, we've hung all sorts of things. Of course there are the paintings, prints, photos, and mirrors, but also a few oddball items. We've hung surfboards, sculptures, bicycles, bulletin boards, mobiles and model airplanes. But prior to Thursday we hadn't hung a Zebracorn. Well, that's one more item we can check off the list.

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    This is a real zebra* mount with a gold-colored unicorn horn attached to the head. It was originally built to mount on a stand (you can see the square steel mounting tube at the bottom of the neck). We had to add some hanging hardware to the back so we could attach it to the wall. It was installed in the office of an interior designer, largely as a set dressing for this show:

    As we were studying this piece and trying to figure out what kind of hardware to use to mount it to the wall, one of the clients asked us what was the oddest thing we'd ever installed. Perry and I both looked at each other and laughed, and I said "I think we're looking at it right about now."

    * For what it's worth, it's my understanding the zebra was a captive animal that died of natural causes.
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    That is just so cool looking.

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    Tess and Eric manage a doe herd for a very nice guy with a lot of land and ability to hunt worldwide. He has a zebra but not a zebracorn. So what do you think it weighed?

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    Are Zebracorns as rare as Jackalopes?
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    Is it just me or does that zebracon have a funny smurk on his face?
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    That's a great looking space. Strange roof beam patterns. Is it a converted building ??

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    actully what that unicorn part is ,,, real gold,, it the new way to hide wealth..right ut in plane site.. and the metal fixture underneath was the handle that lefted the mount up to access the vault that had the family jewels.. those spicies of zebracorns are rare but not un common,, jonathan a zebra in real life would go around 800lbs tops ..
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    and like our exercise bike, with-in a month or so, it would have clothing hanging from it

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    Back in '89 I started with an import/export company as an international export agent... the import department more or less specialized in importing/export hunting trophies... we had clients that hunted in Africa, India, South America and had their "trophies" shipped to Houston for Taxidermy and then re-shipped to their home in various countries in and around Europe..... Always thought it strange that someone would kill an eland or some other African antelope, have it stuffed to full size and then put it in their living room... just don't think I would want some animal hanging on my wall or sitting in the living room.
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