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Thread: Veterans Day

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    Veterans Day

    Today is Veterans Day, take a moment to say thank you to a past veteran or someone who is currently serving in the armed forces. They deserve our thanks and appreciation for all of their sacrifices and hardships that they endure so that we all continue to enjoy the freedoms and liberties that are so dear to us.

    Thank you to all past and current Veterans.
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    Well said. Thank you to all that have served and that are currently serving.

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    Absolutely. I have nothing but respect for those that are and that have served.

    To them I can only say 'Thank you'.
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    In Canada today is Remembrance Day.

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    In particular, I am remembering my father who served in the thick of things in the second world war. Thanks Dad.
    Cheers, Frank

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    Thanks, y'all. I'm off to the ceremony at our Veteran's Plaza. Pic is me in 1959.
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    Serving in this country's military is a family tradition on both sides of our family. My father and FIL served in WWII. I served 8 years in Navy '68-'76. My wife's older brother, a US Navy pilot, flew with HAL3 in attack squadron of Hueys. He was shot down several times and survives. 2 of my sisters husbands served in the US Army and in Vietnam. Our oldest son served 9 years in the US Army and fought with the 1st Infantry in Desert Storm. Our youngest son is currently serving, a 12 year US Navy veteran and is a 4th year dental student on a Navy scholarship.

    To all my brothers and sisters in arms.......those before, with and after me......Thank you for your service.
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    A very heart felt thank you to those that have served, are serving and will serve our country.


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    School served a meal to some of our local veterans today. Took all of my woods students down to the room they were eating in and each student gave a veteran one of the pens we turned for the military. Figured they should get the opportunity to meet a vet face to face and learn to say, "thank you for your service". Saw some old guys tear up as well as a couple of my young guys. Good experience all the way around.

    Thank you, past, present and future vets for putting it on the line for the rest of us.

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    Well i feel fortunate to still be able to call the vet in my family and tell him I appreciate all he and the rest of his buddies went through for me. Sad part was this is the first year he had to miss a rememberance service as he took ill earlier in the week. Was hard for him to stay in bed. .
    I took time out today to think of all the young boys from my generation that gave their life at the time with no choice in the matter and all for a totally futile cause in the desert of South West Africa or the bush of Angola. South Africa lost a load of guys in conflicts there all related to global power politics of the cold war.

    My heartfelt thanks go out to all those that have served and are still serving today and to those families that have made the ultimate sacrifice and now live with the loss. We enjoy our freedoms because of them.

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