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Thread: Stanley 110 block plane

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    Stanley 110 block plane

    A friend of mine wants me to make a replacement knob for a Stanley 110 plane that belonged to his grandfather. I told him I would see what I could come up with. Does anyone have one of these that they could take some measurements from? I want to get it as close to the original as possible.

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    Try Ebay Bobby, you may be able to get a parts plane or one for a cheap price that you can use the knob off, and end up with an original know instead of a replacement

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    I have six of that plane type, and each one is slightly differently sized.

    They're all about 1" high, but vary in diameters and shapes. Most are about 1-1/8" maximum diameter, and about 1" at the base.

    On big variant is the diameter of the hole in the bottom of the knob. They're all slightly different, and when I was making some replacements a couple years ago, I found that the best way to size them was to make the hole about 1/16" larger than the base diameter of the stud.

    Bloodwood works well, as do maple, cherry, and to a lesser extent, walnut.
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    Except for the first few years of the production of these planes, they are not considered valuable to collectors. I went to buy one, one day from a fellow who was doing some clearing out. His was a 60s vintage model. He sold me four planes for $25, and as I carried the load back to the car I dropped the 110, and the cap broke off at the steel rod. (It was already broken on one side.) I made a wooden wedge for it and now use it as an apron plane. If you know a turner you can get him to make a knob that would suit from pictures that are available in plenty on the net. No one will know.

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