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Thread: What's taking so long?

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    What's taking so long?

    Why can't I post on any forums. it's been 2-3 weeks since registering.

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    Hey Mike! First of all welcome to the Family! As for not being able to post, I not sure what problems you are having, but you may want to send a PM to Vaughn McMillan. Hopefully he can help you out!

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    Hi Mike, I see you signed up on the 17th of February, and this is your first post.

    You signed up correctly, and I see we sent out an e-mail to you telling you how to activate your account on the 17th.

    Then I see you posting now, on the 6th of March. I'm not sure what happened between the two dates?

    I do notice that you mail is AOL, and I know that we have some members that have had problems with the AOL filtering out our e-mail to them............?

    Sorry for the trouble, glad you are here.

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    looks like you`re postin` now............hi mike!
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