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Thread: another radiator cover, pocket screws joinery.

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    another radiator cover, pocket screws joinery.

    I dont want you guys (gals) to think Ive been slouching off.
    After the I put together the close insert, I made a radiator cover for the old finish room.
    Ash hardwood faceframes and raised panels, oak ply for the side shelves.
    I was out there at 11:20 pm the other night taking down every piece of ash I had getting to the bottom piece since it was 10 inches wide and I didnt want to glue up for the top.
    All pocket screw joinery, the front edges of the plywood have ash hardwood pinned and glued.
    I will finish sanding it down to 120, apply minwax cherry stain, and one quick coat of hand brushed on poly., resand lightly and be finished with it.
    I will staple the heat resistant reflective insulation(the silver stuff that looks like packing material) under the top and sides to deflect heat to front and also keep the top from getting hot.

    I chose pocket screws since making tons of mortise and tenon joints like I did previously for the other covers, is now quite a chore for myself and whenever I can make my life easier now, Im going that way.

    Im happy with the results of this project, only forgot to route out the inside of the back of each side shelve to put a back on, but Ill just staple it on. Wont be noticed.Click image for larger version. 

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    btw, the cable wire for the internet/tv, wont be in back of it anymore. My son is coming over tomorrow night and will crawl around the crawlspace and put the cable up through the floor to the new spot on the wall on right were Im hanging a flat screen. Walls are plaster, so instead of trying to get cables into wall, Ill drop intall a small channel and paint it the wall color.(Im going to paint all the window moldings next week)
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    thats some nice looking ash allen,, and makes good use of a space that would otherwize be wasted sorta..
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    That is a great looking cover Allen. I like the incorporation of the shelving.

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    Really like the design and execution of the whole thing Allen. Very well done!
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    Quote Originally Posted by larry merlau View Post
    thats some nice looking ash allen,, and makes good use of a space that would otherwize be wasted sorta..
    this is the first load of ash I purchased from the boat restorer/contractor.
    After buying other assortments of ash, I realized this was the best looking FAS I could probably lay my hands on, and at 2.00 a bf, I knew it was a good buy.
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    good work allen! such a machine, that levine...
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    Allen thats a nice looking radiator cover have not seen such a good design before. Sure the guys from this old house will be keen to use it in one of their reno's.
    You got ash like that for $2 bucks!!!!! wow you did a great deal there.

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    That's a great design, Allen. You did a fantastic job on it!
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    Such a great deal on Ash and a clever idea of covering up an eye sore. Beautiful craftsmanship.
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