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Thread: Roku anyone?

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    Question Roku anyone?

    What I am looking into now is something like a Roku box. Under $100 and access to many channels (on demand and most free) and Amazon Prime (for which I already pay but do not have access to the free streaming). My current Blue Ray player has access to Netflix streaming, but their selection is poor. I have already dropped the DVD service as I was ticked that they were raising prices and offering less. I could drop the Netflix all together, buy the Roku, and break even in one year.

    Anyone using Roku? Are there other options out there? One option I might consider is selling my current Blue Ray and upgrading to one that has more streaming options.
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    I picked up one of the roku's a little while ago, but I have to admit I don't really use it that much.

    It seems to work fine, if the content you want is supported by it. I'm not sure if they have YouTube yet. I think they are working on it it though. It'd be nice if that gets worked out by the 12th so I could watch the Americas cup challenger series on it!
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    We've got one. Haven't used it a lot yet, but it does work quite well. My only complaint is that it doesn't do closed captions on most services.
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    I've noticed the local stores selling them now, they've come down in price. I'm holding out for Hulu on the Google TV, then will probably go with it.

    With all the extra equipment, I'd recommend a logitech harmony remote. I bought one a few years back and I have to tell you, my wife can run it, that says a lot. If you haven't seen them before, they are a programmable remote, that you program using your computer. You go into the app and enter the model numbers of all your equipment and it will suggest/build the configurations for you. I also runs through wizards to ask how you want to play the sound and what equipment you want to use. You press the activity button (Watch TV, Watch DVD, Play Xbox, etc.) and it takes care of turning on what needs to be on, and turning off what doesn't.

    When we first bought it, the kids were still turning off stuff manually and it would get out of sync. The one I has has a monochrome display and when you press help, it walks you through asking if each piece of equipment is on until it's back in sync (even my wife has done this, without yelling "DARREN???").

    It was well worth the $80 and have had it for about 6 years now. They have come down in price and have seen them for under $40.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Darren Wright View Post
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