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Thread: Lost my best friend

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    Lost my best friend

    The past 24 hours has been the most painful time I have ever known. I had to let go of my best friend. We had her for 13 years. We knew that it was just a matter of time as she had not been doing well for several months. Words fail me as to my feelings. I don't tend to make many friends, so to have someone who was always there was so special for me. I assume time will help with what I'm feeling.but it is truly hard right now.
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    It's very hard Tom... Never gets easier with these furry friends, that's for sure.

    Take a little time, take care of yourself.

    My Sincerest Sympathies go out to you...
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    Tom, I'm so sorry. I can only imagine your pain and sorrow. My deepest sympathies. Take care--it will get better.
    with love, cynthia
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    So sorry Tom. It sure is painful. I still miss my best buddy.
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    Sorry for your loss Tom. Take some time and just remember the good times you had with her.

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    Sorry for your loss, Tom - and I know just how you feel, having lost several 'best friends' over the years.

    Right now, we've got a thirteen year old mini-Schnauzer that's deteriorating rapidly. I doubt she'll make it through the coming winter, and it's going to be another real heartbreak when it's her time...

    BTW, that's her four year old "sister" in my avatar.
    Jim D.
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    My condolences Tom. It can sure put the hurts on you and they don't go away in a hurry.

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    I'm sorry for your loss Tom. Have you heard of the Rainbow Bridge?
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    Hi Tom

    Real sorry to hear of your loss. Its tough to experience thank goodness time heals the pain. Nothing can take the good times away so keep focused on those and look ahead to getting another and working in your new shop. Chin up my friend.

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    Sorry to hear of your loss. Was she a Dachshund or part Dachshund?
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