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Thread: Putting wax on screws

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    Putting wax on screws

    Just read that dipping screws into wax before driving them into wood joints is a
    good practice. Any opinions on that?

    Thanks, DKT

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    I do it with a block a beeswax. I just find the screws go in more easily and with no splitting.
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    I have used candles, bars of soap, paraffin, and now am using a cheap toilet wax ring. I buy the cheapest one I can find and then put it in a cool whip container to use and store until needed. Most of the time I use the "lubricant" with hardwoods and it does help.


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    The thing to watch out for in alternates is any color or oils that could bleed into the surface and leave a stain.
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    don't laugh now, but i've found irish spring works pretty good for me. i'll drill the pilot holes first, then do the finishing.
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    Been using paraffin lately. Works well.
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    My dad taught me to use bees wax on screws when I was a little child (actually I guess most children are little). It really works. It works so well that I really notice it if I do not use it occasionally. I have on rare occasions used soap when wax was not available. However, that was in "construction" type of woodworking.

    When doing a jig or mock-up I frequently use the material from the synthetic bees wax toilet rings.

    In the past I found that genuine bees wax toilet rings were the least expensive way to purchase bees wax. However, today, in the Big Boxes, if you ask for bees wax toilet rings, they look at you like you just dropped in from Mars.

    Many years ago a man doing some construction for me used bees wax. He drilled a hole in the end of his very long framing hammer and filled it with bees wax. In one smooth motion he would plug the nail into the wax, hold the nail up in position and WHAM drive it home in one motion. If he had ever hit his finger, it would have vanished.

    Back on topic. Candle wax also works. However, it does not stay on the screw as well and is not quite as efficient. The synthetic bees wax toilet ring material works great. It really sticks to the screws (and your fingers and anything else it touches). It is very easy to use---just keep your cotton pickin' fingers to yourself. If I were going to use it on something of quality, I would make sure that you can clean it up sufficiently well so that the wood will accept finish. I say that because I cannot remember putting finish over an area where I used it on screws. Glenn says that he uses it most of the time and has no problems.


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    I picked up the toilet ring tip on here I think. For a few bucks I have been using the same pieces for years.
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    My father, a professional cabinet/furniture maker, used old bars of soap. I keep beeswax on hand and use that.
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