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Thread: Six Sided Box

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    Six Sided Box

    Hope I am doing this right! Not sure as the format is different but will try to muddle through it.
    I wanted to make some thing to use for the up coming hollidays thet would be small yet usefull. So I came up with this six sided box for candy,nuts,crackers,etc. I like the color of this Mahogany flooring that I have used in the past. It is very hard,much harder than other Mahogany I have used in the past. The dividers are of Maple with 4 small pieces of Mahogany for strength and color in the center. The bottom is of Red Oak and the top is of Mahogany,but is much softer and lighter color than the sides of the box. I have had it for many years and finally found a use for it. The knob is from Walnut.
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    It was a little more demanding of my attention than a 4 sided box, but still was fun to do.
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    well all you need to do now is to fill it and then send it to me ron looks like fine use of some lumber you had stashed away for a special occasion
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    Sweet little box. I'm sure it is going to be a hit. Especially when filled....

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    Great box Ron. Nice idea on the mahogany support pieces in the middle too
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    Nicely done. Ron.
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    I like your box Ron. I think your "support pieces" in the center are a good idea artistically and structurally.
    Whoever gets it will enjoy it for very many years. A great gift.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Bob Gibson View Post
    Great box Ron. Nice idea on the mahogany support pieces in the middle too
    The mahogany in the middle is the element of detail that really makes this already great box.
    Cheers, Frank

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    Another nice box, Ron. Well done!
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    Beatiful box, LOML said to me " why don't you make one like that" when she saw it.
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