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Thread: need miny speaker

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    need miny speaker

    Guys & girls I need some help the Mgmt at the USPS decided we can't wear any bluetooth or have any ear buds for listening to our music. It's really boring without the distraction of listening to m music all day. I'm tired of arguing with myself & losing the argument. I have this MP3 Sansa View Does anybody know of a small speaker that I can clip to the collar of my shirt so I can listen to music???


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    Best I could find... might be able to put a extension cable on them and clip them somehow.

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    Here you go......Sounds like this is what you are looking for.
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    Why bother? The bureaucrats are sure to ban that also as soon as they see it.
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    Never ceases to amaze me what some managers will do.

    Back in SA i let my shop floor staff have custom made uniforms, put in a hi fi for them to play their church songs on and let them sing to thier hearts content.

    We never had productivity so high.

    Let a person have the title they want, if they feel good with it and work better who cares.

    Sorry you have to put up with this kind of nonsense Chuck. I would be handing out mps players to you guys if it made you happier. Man they should go round doing the job looks like an opportunity for the undercover boss concept so they can get a taste for the real thing. Hope the speakers work out but i can see before long this kind of exec when they get the bit between their teeth cannot let go.

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    The new district Mgr who is a woman. came up with this new rule. I do understand if one of us got hurt by listening to music or talking on the phone. 99% of us only wear the ear bud in one ear so we can hear traffic & what's going on around us. so we don't get hurt. She made all the Postmasters in her district Providence being the third 0argest outside of CT & MA they make approx $125,000 a year & they were driving around checking to make sure the carriers did not have bluetoorh or music ear buds. So they don't have anything better to do then waste the money having Postmasters checking on us. We have had in the last three years 2 carrier bosses go out with heart attack from stress. & those two bosses were of the quality kind. They always treated us with respect & we did more for them. We carried more then we should have by that I mean very heavy loads of crap catalogs to help their numbers. They help us & we help them. Good thing both are back at work. They wouldn't do what the Postmasters & District Mgr wanted them to micro manage us & to try to intimidate us to carry more in less time. Their really is a reason they came up with the saying "going postal" If you notice it's always going after others in the PO not the general public.

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