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Thread: List the three most relevant things you learnt thus far in working wood.

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    List the three most relevant things you learnt thus far in working wood.

    With recognition that there are many newbies to woodworking and many advanced woodworkers here, i thought it would be great to list our three most relevant lessons learnt to date in our woodworking life.

    To date for me :

    1) Sharpening has to be my biggest.
    2) The value of a woodworking workbench.
    3) Beginning to start down the long road of learning to finish. (thanks to many of you here this road has been made much easier)

    So whats yours......

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    For me, the following have proven to be most relevant, I think:

    1. If you want to do it, you probably can!
    2. Talent, not tools, create a project.
    3. Sharp tools are safer tools.

    Number three might be counter-intuitive but I've hurt myself more with a dull tool than one that is properly sharpened!
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    1. It's not a mistake if you can fix it.
    2. There's nothing that I can't build.
    3. There is more than one way to build a project and there is no such thing as one way being the correct way to do it.

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    Slow down, it's not a race
    What I thought was sharp, wasn't
    A good workbench is the most basic tool I need besides my two hands
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    1 I'm my biggest critic
    2 Enjoy the process like Stu said it's not a race
    3 I'll never have time to build all the things I'd like.

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    Figure out how long something will take. Then double it, and add an order of magnitude. If it *should* take one day, budget two weeks...

    No amount of skill or enthusiasm will replace a good tool.

    Accuracy is worth everything required to achieve it.

    And the one immutable rule: I should never underestimate my own capacity for foolishness!



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    recheck all my measurements several times
    buy quality tools. either new or used.
    a poor finish can ruin a great project (thanks to Larry for beating this into me)
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    1. Slow Down!!
    2. Get out of the shop if you feel tired.
    3. If you feel in any way it is unsafe, it is. Stop, rethink, do it the safe way.
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    2. Remember that whatever task you are working on at that moment is the most important thing in the attention.

    3. Asking a question at Family gets a reponse, not ridicule. (no Question is stupid)
    Anybody can become a woodworker, but only a Craftsmen can hide his mistakes!

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    1) Always, always, always think safety!

    2) Learn to do it the right way the first time!

    3) Buy your lathe first, then you won't waste money on other tools.
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