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Thread: injured my hand

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    injured my hand

    No, not in the ww shop. In the kitchen. And, no, not with a knife.
    It was a very freaky accident with a glass jar.
    We have used a tall jelly glass type jar for storing bacon grease for years. (no comments about heart health and bacon grease, please.)
    We use the grease for flavoring in different type of cooking. I make bacon and eggs every Sunday and pour the excess grease into the jar.
    This Sunday, as usual, I had poured the grease in, let it cool for a while, then while screwing the lid back on the jar suddenly shear broke about a 1/2" down from the lid and hit me in the back of my left hand leaving a deep cut. Very painful. First thing I checked was to make sure all my fingers still worked. They did, still do. The pain was quite severe, at night I took a left over pain pill from my shoulder surgery to help me sleep. It still hurt and I didn't sleep. Yesterday, I saw a doctor and he bandaged it properly and agreed I had been very-very lucky as the cut could have been much deeper and damaging. So, now I have a hurting and bandaged hand. Not good but a good reminder to be careful with everything. Today I shop for a stainless steel container of some sort so we can resume our grease collecting.
    Be careful out there.
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    My sympathies. I'm always worried that one of these times, when I've got a death grip on some glass jar trying to take the top off, the jar will shatter and take some of me with it. We strain our bacon grease through a paper coffee filter into a small Pyrex dish that has a snap off plastic lid. Works well for us. Heal quickly.

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    Damn.....glad to hear it was not worse then it could of been. Heal quickly!
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    I got for a Christmas gift, I asked for it, a jar opener. It is mechanical, adjusts to different heights, widths and my point exactly was worrying about breaking a jar (especially after "rapping" the lid with a butter knife handle).

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    Sorry to hear about your hand Frank, hope you heal fast!
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    I hope it heals fast, Frank. I put bacon grease in an old coffee can with lid. I always worry about glass. In fact, I always drink out of a plastic cup......
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    Sorry to hear about the hand, Frank. Hope it heals quickly. Funny thing, I tend to get hurt more in the kitchen than in my shop!

    By the way, your story makes me think of how everyone I can remember had a grease can on the stove top when I was a kid - something like this one.
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    Frank, sorry to hear about the freak accident. Hope it heals quickly.
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    heal quick frank. as a side note, grandma used to use a 2# coffee can for the bacon grease.
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