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Thread: Lee Valley Digital Tool Setting Gauge Sale

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    Lee Valley Digital Tool Setting Gauge Sale

    This is a heck of a price, I spent a lot more in time and money building one of these.
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    Cool, I ordered 3...xmas shopping has begun.

    Edit: These are on sale at Rockler for $20, normally $24, so looks to be a good deal at 50% off ($12.50) from Lee Valley.
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    Got one! Thanks.
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    No, not all of SoCal is Los Angeles!
    I have a couple of shop made ones and they get used a lot. At this price I wouldn't hesitate even though they only go to 1/32". Mine do 1/128" and it is almost always too granular.
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    OK Dan, ya twisted my arm!

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    Talked me right into it
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    thanks but I think I'll stick to using a ruler to eyeball close and making test cuts to get a precise height... I dont see a need for something like that cause your gonna have to find the top center arc of the blade and if its a combo blade which tooth is higher?

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    There you have it folks, Statistics show that 5 out of 6 woodworkers prefer a gadget!
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    Well Dan you just gave me good reason to be poping into the local LV store. I been wanting an excuse just for that.

    Glen i just recently picked up a plastic vernier to make a version of your shop made units. But now for this price i cannot resist buying it.

    Thanks Dan.

    Oh and Flyfisherman also like a gadget.

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    I've had the Narex 1/2" mortise chisel on my wishlist for a long time, waiting for something to add to it to make it worth paying the shipping costs. This gauge was just the right something.
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