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Thread: New Machine Gloat

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    New Machine Gloat

    Well you know you got special friends when out of the blue they phone you asking if you want a machine then deliver it to your door same day for free.

    This is a machine i have wanted for some time but could never justify spending the money on it for the use it would get in my shop. Its a Rockwell scroll saw. Model 62 -110

    Look at the throat on this baby. Now i got to find me a manual for this baby since it came with a part that neither i nor my buddy could work out where it went.

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Rockwell Scroll saw front reduced.jpg 
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Name:	Scroll Saw rear reduced.jpg 
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    All in working order with multi speed capablity (belt change on pulleys) and on a stand of its own thats as narrow as it is.

    I was very touched by this gift. My friend that gave it to me also has a workshop his company was throwing out a few things and this was one of them. So he called and asked and next thing it was in my garage. I feel trully blessed. This is not the first thing this guy has given me or called me to come out and see. Over the weekend i got a call while working on sons Honda. He said going to the fatory on Sun morning real early. He thought of me because they had two sheets of acrylic longer than one longer than 8x4 and the other same length but maybe 3 ft wide. All protective coating still on and 5/16 thick. He thought i may like it for jigs.

    Well if you saw my trailer when i came home. We were like two pickers. Started out at 6am and back at nine.

    Major items i scored
    Brand new industrial calibrated scale. No one going to get me at the PO in future on weight.

    4 camera Industrial security system and monitor able to be remote viewed via web. No recording but can add it.

    Loads of double sided tape and other goodies.

    Then the huge hit at home was a singer indurstrial sewing machine that had just been fully serviced 2 weeks ago. Unfortunately in our ignorance we dropped it and broke a couple of protruding parts nothing that cannot be replaced. Linda is absolutely delighted with it, She sews and now quilts since Larrys Randi got her going.

    I am wondering what NN thought when all this arrived.

    Well day started out bad when i heard poor kids cannot take a ball to school but it ended in delight.

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    Great Score, I don't use my scroll saw very often, but man when you need it there's nothing better!
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    Use it in good health Rob. Good friends are truly a blessing. I did a search for the manual for you in a few sites I know of......but no luck. Could the saw have been built under a different brand name at one point? If so.....I got a few sites I could try
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    Nice score Rob!

    I'd point all 4 of those cameras at the NN and really give him a reason to be paranoid.

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    Very cool Rob. Way to re-purpose the old iron!
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    Congrats! both you and Linda.

    That looks like a very well built scrollsaw.
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    I am really happy for you and your better half. Have fun scrolling and sewing.


    First of all you have to be smarter than the machine.

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    Congrats, Rob. Nothing like a new tool or three to brighten up your day, huh?
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