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Thread: New Machine Gloat

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    Great old iron Rob, Congrats
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    Congrats, good haul!

    Quote Originally Posted by Darren Wright View Post
    Nice score Rob!

    I'd point all 4 of those cameras at the NN and really give him a reason to be paranoid.
    too funny Darren!

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    Thanks guys. Had a look at it last night and what struck me most was the solid wide throat. No two ways about it they made good solid tools back in the day.
    No bent up sheet metal here. I bet given its mass this baby cuts smooth as anything.

    Anyone have thoughts as to if i should upgrade the motor. ? Its a 1/3 hp i have no idea how that stacks up in scroll saw terms perhaps i will get hold of Marshal he seems to be our scroll saw king
    Strange co incidence the otherday someone linked to a scroll saw sight and ibookmarked it thinking ....someday i am gonna give it a go. That someday came sooner than i could ever think with this arrival

    Now i need to get some blades

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    Rob think about the size of the blade... 1/3 hp ought to be plenty! does it take plain ends or pinned blades?

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    Very nice tool. Glad you got to rescue it.
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    Nice catch, Rob. I had one similar to that I inherited from my father. It was labeled a Delta. I had no interesting scroll sawing or room in my shop for it so I sold it. Lately, I have had occasion where a large ss would be handy but still don't have the shop space. I understand the guy who bought it has never used it in eight years. He would probably sell back to me for what he paid. Meaning I have had free storage all this time.
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    Here is the best scroll saw forum I've found -

    And my favorite source of blades -
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