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Thread: Here we go again, Cutting Board Finish.

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    Here we go again, Cutting Board Finish.

    I know this subject has been beaten like a Red-Headed step-child at family reunion, but I'm not asking about "what" finish, but "Where" finish?

    I went to Walgreens and they wanted $5.30/pint, went to the Orange Borg and they wanted $8.99/pint for a "Cutting Board" finish. Is this normal? it seems awful expensive for plain ol mineral oil.

    My Grandpa used to say, "Take a slug of mineral oil every morning, and you can hit a knot-hole at fifty paces!"

    Does anyone have a place to buy it less expensively??

    I guess I don't get out enough.
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    Maybe a different drugstore? IIRC, mineral oil is a lot cheaper than that.
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    WalMart. I think I paid about two bucks for the last pint I bought. Used it on a board I made for my niece, then gave her the rest of the bottle. I think it was "Equate" or something like that (their house brand).
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    I use this (LVT Beeswax Salad Bowl Finish), just for aesthetics. But I think it costs even more than what you've stated.
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    Walmart is $1.82 a pint for pharmacy grade mineral oil here

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    I want to thank the one's who suggested trying Walmart, Mineral Oil there was $1.48/pint much more better!
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