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Thread: 6" atlas jointer

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    Red face 6" atlas jointer

    I just purchased a 6" atlas jointer and the blades are in rough shape machine is in great shape though, I just had the blades sharpened, there are two blades in each slot 3 slots total 1 blade in each slot sets lower than the other, one set looks like extra blades I think ,does the lower blade set on bottom of slot and the top blade with top of bench or is there some other ajustment ? any help would be helpful !

    Thank you


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    Never heard of a saw using two blades. You sure it is a blade? Could be a spacer I guess but I have never seen one.

    I would suggest going to OWWM now, vintage machines and seeing if you find a manual for that one. I am sure someone on the forum knows that joiner well.
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    Dave, welcome to FWW. Jeff gave you good advice. Often, if you have a question about equipment here, a photo will be helpful.
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    You'll need your model number to research it. I found this with Google.

    You may find what your looking for under General Line Catalogs you'll need Adobe Acrobat Reader.
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    Typically what you'll have is a blade held tight along its full length by a jib, which is locked in place by bolts. The blade sits higher than the jib. The jibs might be tapered instead of flat, or may have angled depressions where the lock bolts engage them. Usually, there's something like that to counter the rotational forces pushing them out of the slot. No need to sharpen the jibs, as they never contact the wood.

    Atlas made very good joiners. Is yours direct or belt drive? We love pics if you have a camera.

    If you go over to and go to the photo archives in the Atlas section, you'll see pics of several others that might help you out. You'll also find that they have manufacturers' publications / manuals on most of these old machines (Atlas was a pretty well known name). You'll probably get some helpful information there. They are pdf format and downloadable for free, though a donation is encouraged.

    If you strike out with manuals or parts diagrams there, you might try and go into the "old woodworking machines" thread. You can search the archives of discussions, or post your own questions. There are a lot of seasoned veterans to old machinery over there.

    Have fun with it.


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    atlas jointer

    well That helped me out a great deal I will go to those sites and see what they have, thank you so much


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    atlas jointer

    Thanks to everyone who replied , I went to vintagemachinery and wow what a great site I downloaded a manual for the Atlas 6" jointer 6001 it is now up and running great just like new
    thanks again to everyone


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    Fantastic! way to bring the old iron back to life!
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