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Thread: A New Tool (of sorts)

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    A New Tool (of sorts)

    Before I head out of town for my new job, I needed to get a computer that's a bit more portable than the machine that's on my desktop at home (with the 32" and 19" monitors). I ended up getting a refurbished HP Pavilion DV6 laptop. It was reasonably priced and equipped with pretty much all the features that were on my "must have" list. Here's some cut and paste from the ad listing:

    • AMD Quad-Core A8-3510MX Accelerated Processor (2.5GHz/1.9GHz, 4MB L2 Cache)
    • 6GB DDR3 System Memory (2 Dimm) -16GB Max
    • 640GB 7200RPM SATA Hard Drive with HP ProtectSmart Hard Drive Protection
    • Blu-ray player w/ DVD+/-R/RW SuperMulti drive
    • HP TrueVision HD Webcam with Integrated Digital Microphone
    • Integrated Wi-Fi with Wireless 802.11b/g/n WLAN + Bluetooth(R)
    • 4 USB (2 USB 2.0 and 2 SuperSpeed USB 3.0)
    • Beats(TM) audio with quad speakers for superior sound
    • Genuine Windows 7 Home Premium Edition (64-bit)
    • 15.6" Full High Def HP Anti-glare LED (1920 x 1080)
    • Aluminum chassis in dark umber color
    • AMD Radeon(TM) Discrete-Class Graphics [HDMI, VGA] w/webcam
    • 5-in-1 integrated Digital Media Reader
    • 10/100/1000 Gigabit Ethernet LAN (RJ-45 connector)
    • HP SimplePass Fingerprint Reader (I'm really liking the fingerprint reader...makes logging onto the computer or websites a breeze.)
    • 101-key compatible with full-size keyboard with integrated numeric keypad

    It arrived a couple of days ago and I'm still in the process of setting it up the way I want, but so far it looks like it'll be a real workhorse. For my new job, it will indeed be a tool more than a toy.
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    You can save some good money on refurbished machines. That looks like a pretty powerful one
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    Good for you, Vaughn. Can't wait to hear about your adventures...
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    Now, that's a heck of a tool! You'll certain have no excuse not to keep in touch!
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    Thats my perfect machine. Cant think of anything other than external powered esata port.
    Vaughn at some stage replace the hd with an ssd and you will have a rocket.

    Just need those ssd's to mature some.

    Man i wish you nothing but the best, but its gotta feel great to finally have something to look forward to.

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    oooh, even though it runs windoze, nice machine! I especially like the full keyboard with numeric section.

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    Nice. I like the bigger 'portables'. Something about the screen size and keyboards that make them more usable. Of course, if I was a real 'traveler', the smaller size would be more important.

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    Where do you get the refurbs from Dell? Do you have a link?.....I have to buy 3 laptops for my daughters for Christmas this year.
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    Vaughn, that looks like a terrific new tool. I am glad for you. Being a mac guy, I don't really know what much of the specs mean, but they look awfully impressive. Congrats again.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Rob Keeble View Post
    Thats my perfect machine. Cant think of anything other than external powered esata port...
    I was hoping to have an eSATA port, but I've learned that with an adapter, the USB 3 port can send data to an eSATA DEVICE. I have the adapter on order now.

    Quote Originally Posted by Dom DiCara View Post

    Where do you get the refurbs from Dell?...
    For Dell refurbs, I'm not sure. This one's an HP, and I found several sellers with refurbs on eBay. HP also sells refurbs directly on eBay. Here's their store: AIT&_trksid=p3984.m1438.l2649&_trksid=p4340.l2562
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    When the weird get going, they start their own forum. - Vaughn McMillan

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