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Thread: Chisel Rehab Question

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    Chisel Rehab Question

    Okay, here is a photo of the Stubai chisels that my mom sent me--that she paid $1 for at the 2nd-hand store she volunteers at.

    You can see that a few of the edges are nibbled away, some edges are definitely not square, and one chisel is bent.

    Questions: For the ones that are nibbled and those that are not square, does this need to be fixed on a grinder before sharpening them?

    What about the bent one. Can it be straightened?

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Looks like a nice set.

    Someone must have used the bent one to pry open something.

    I am sure one of the Neanders will answer your specific question but I think these chisels can be brought back into service with some elbow grease.
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    You might be able to put the bent one in a vise, and gently coax it back to straight. Might be a bit finicky to do, though.

    For sharpening, I'd grind a fresh bevel, then go the the stones to finish sharpening and honing. Use glass & sandpaper to get the backs flat before sharpening. If LOYL hasn't bought that new grinder yet, you could use a belt sander to grind the bevel, too.
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