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    about e-mail

    Ever since this age of home computers started, I have been a huge fan of e-mail. I have used it for communicating with friends and family and consider it a wonder of our times. And, yes, at times for entertainment.
    However, in recent years, the numbers of incoming e-mails, mostly about things political, has taken over my inbox. There is a lot of humor as well. I like most of it but the volume has become very time consuming if I read it all.
    Face Book has taken the place of a lot of personal communications. Sadly, to my way of thinking these friends and family postings are also out there for many others to read, regardless of privacy settings. A lot of these postings are innocous enough, but I just don't like others seeing my personal 'stuff'.
    Lately, I have been simply deleting the political and humor stuff without opening. I have had enough e-mails saying the president is really a female lesbian muslim in disguise, etc.
    I have blocked some friends and asked others to dial back.
    But, I always value personal communications from friends.
    BTW, in the past two years, my morning check of e-mails, FaceBook, and discussion forums has grown from about two hours to five hours. Enuf is enuf, there is a real life out there away from the monitor.
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    Your signature line says it all Frank
    myself, if the subject line has 'Fwd' in it, it get's deleted without a second thought.
    And I'm with you on the...having to block some friends{& some family members as well...mine, not FWW }

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    I keep about 5 actual email addresses, one is only used for signing up or registering for stuff. It gets about 1,000 emails a day as the sites have sold that email to spammers. One is my personal email, one is for here, the others are for business. I have two setup on my phone which get check regularly, so they get dealt with as they come in. I probably spend more time on FWW than I do with email at any one time.

    BTW...I actually have several more addresses, but those are setup as forwarders that get directed to another address or for addresses that others, as well as myself, need to receive. Each forwarder is setup specifically for something. If one of them starts getting spam, I'll know who sold my email address.

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    At last count, I had about 15 email addresses set up across 5 providers, including my own website. I use one for new sign-ups, then move a registration if I see it's safe (well, as safe as they get). I delete at least 98% without reading anything that was sent. There are friends and family who probably think we've dropped off the planet because they are now blocked or hit the junk file since all they did was forward the same old stuff that keeps making the rounds. One address is about to get deleted because more and more junk keeps showing up.

    I use one of my website-associated addresses for all of our paperless billing and that's the only thing going there. The email I use for this site is the one I use for most of my personal email but it goes to very few people. I have yet another email address from another provider that is used only for Facebook. Separating functions like that point to guilty parties real quick!
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    I have 4 emails set up all feed into my main mailbox...except the Yahoo emails which I mostly ignore anyway... I check first thing every morning, delete 90% of what's there without ever looking at it and answer the other 5% of warranted. Like Frank, I don't like all the fwd's, political, religious and funnies that I get... I have an uncle who is a DEVOUT Republican... (he's supposed to be a devout Christian too, but I'll leave that for the MAN to sort out)... I delete most of Uncle's emails...

    I don't do Facebook...I don't see a need to be that connected to the world, I don't do Twitter (I'm just not a Twit)... don't want the world to know what I'm doing day by day, or minute by minute .... I don't carry a cell phone... don't need one.. (My wife does carry one... her son gave her his extra that he got with his new account)... we're always together, so I don't need one.
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    I agree with you, Frank. In the past few years, the signal to noise ratio on my email lines has dropped a lot. Most days I don't get any personal communication from friends or family...just a lot of advertising and scams. The useful stuff I do get via email is things like info about online orders, bills, or admin stuff for one of several websites. I've started using telephone text messages more and more to communicate with family and friends. I do participate on Facebook, but don't post anything that's very revealing. I do like Facebook for the fact that it's allowed me to find old friends that I'd lost touch with years ago. (And in some cases, I've been reminded of why I lost touch with them in the first place.)

    I just checked, and I have somewhere around 200 different email addresses. I use a different address for nearly everything I do on the web. Doing this enables me to see who is selling (or losing due to theft) my address. Nearly all of those unique addresses are forwarded to one of 5 different addresses that are my central 'collection points' for all the other addresses.
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    Frank you and many other posters make a great point here.
    I tried getting the point across to my mil who barrages us with fwd emails full of junk but its been a dead loss. Now unfortunately i made it known to her that they all going directly to file 13.

    The topic of managing the wired world could do with a full adult education course along with a introduction of the subject in our schools for kids to get an early handle on.

    I would urge everyone to take a good look at and explore more of the features and options built into some of the online mail service providers.

    They make managing all this clutter very easy and efficient.

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