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Thread: What's Your Scariest Moment in the Shop

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    What's Your Scariest Moment in the Shop

    I saw this thread on another forum, and I thought it was very interesting. What's your scariest moment in the shop?

    Mine is when I was ripping perfectly nice hickory and it got bogged down and the blade actually stopped on my TS. I was using a GRR-ripper and I slowly and carefully backed it out. I told you guys about it here....must have been some internal tension or twisting in the wood......SCARY. But I didn't panic, and shut off the machine as quickly as I could.
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    Like you, I've had scary moments when a board started twisting while ripping it on the table saw. Holding onto the workpiece while turning off the saw can be an issue, so I added a "kick plate" that I can hit with a knee or toe.
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    When I was talking on the phone to someone and looked out into the shop and seen a big red ball of fire going up the wall in my make shift paint booth was lucky enough to have put up some fire extinguishers close to it. Grabbed it and was able to put it out without much damage. Went and had the extinguisher recharged and that's when they told me it was a good thing I didn't need to use it as it was caked up and wouldn't have sprayed much

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    while squaring up a ply panel that was around 24" x 32" it got pinched and kicked back at me ..richocheted of my stomach and hit the garage door behind me which was 6 ft away.. all i got was a bad bruise and the daylights up stairs came on probally wont be my last kick back but i hope the next one isnt like this one was,..
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    mine could be when my thumb and the table saw blade tried to occupy the same space at the same time.
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    Mine was when I was working on this job in my shop and hurricane Ike was about to roll thru our area!
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    Mine was when kickback caused me to lose the tops of my fingers. Never again will I allow that to happen. Not so much the pain and disfigurement I experienced, but I felt horrible putting my wife through that kind of trauma. I promised her I would NEVER put her through that again.
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    There's a couple above that I've rode along with...dummy putting my hand in the wrong place losing some meat/feeling using the TS...and another where I stupidly tried to get one more cut out of a ridiculously dull CMS blade and the heat/friction ignited the shavings small fire, huge heart rate increase.

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    My moment came about 25 years ago when my stomach was the target of kickback while using the radial arm saw of a friend to rip an 2x6 oak board. I hav never touched a radial arm saw since and would strongly advise those who do use one to confine them selves to crosscuts.
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    Mine would be the Christmas Eve when I got a gloved hand pulled into a Forstner bit on my drill press. Got cut up, but it could have been a lot worse.

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    Aside from the torn flesh, the part that worried me was the way it wrapped my wrist and arm around the spindle of the drill press. I tried to pull my hand free, but by then my sleeve was also caught and adding to the problem. I fought the 1 hp motor to the point of squealing the belts and stopping the spindle before I was able to hit the Off switch (which was right in front of me). By the time I hit the switch, my head and face were awfully close to the spindle, too. As quickly as things happened, I could have easily also gotten my hair wrapped up in it. (Since that night, I always tie my hair back when I'm doing anything with machinery in the shop.)
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