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Thread: Does anyone use Incra miter 5000

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    Does anyone use Incra miter 5000

    Seller's price is $175 for a very good condition Incra miter 5000. New one is $262 on Amazon.

    Has anyone used it. Pros and Cons?

    I will primarily use it to cut small segments for woodturning.
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    It is a tool of beauty, whose use will give substantial joy. I wouldn't trade mine for anything. You will love it!



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    I looked long and hard at the 5000, but in the end I went with the SmartMiter by jointech. I know BOTH are very nice and will do fine jobs. Here is a good discussion on the two products. If this will be your first incremental tool, you will love it. When I made the switch I was amazed how much of an improvement it made in my work. I've since switched my table saw over to an incremental setup too. Love the stuff.

    Just my thoughts...

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